Timeline of a Marriage under Therapy and Counseling

In this video, I share a personal timeline of the role of counseling and the state of our marriage.

I felt I did something very proactive: as soon as we were married, to schedule a quarterly check-in to identify potential issues before we felt it was serious enough to see a counselor.

However, as you can see, that ended up not really helping.

I think having a zoomed-out look at the state of our marriage relative to the amount of time and money we spent in various forms of therapy, which started even before we got married as pre-marital counseling, should raise eyebrows.

If you saw a similar graph for someone being treated by a doctor or a tutor or health coach, the steady downward trend would be total failure. Something is wrong.

The question I began asking is this: "Is there something foundationally wrong with the traditional approach that failed to identify early problems/risks and also failed to stem the tide?"