Give thanks for enough

1 Thessalonians 5:18

"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

A source of conflict and resentment is feeling there isn't enough.

There isn't enough house. There isn't enough money. Enough time.

Perhaps even enough of yourself.

I saw how a lack of thanks for the income we had, the homes we lived in, the opportunity before us turned into resentment, anger, and poor, rushed-decisions.

While this scarcity mentality is a source of marriages breaking, I say the sinfulness goes even deeper.

It puts a pressure on the marriage by denying God's faithfulness.

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Certainly, there can be legitimate times when you are facing economic pressure. And I can understand the pain in those moments.

But not using this to declare war against your spouse is your only option.

In our case, we had the things we needed to live comfortably.

But partially due to pressures from her mother, my spouse was dissatisfied and angry.

And pushing and pushing led us to a much worse situation. One-third of the income. Higher expenses. Less time to care for the kids.

A narrow-focus on "lack" dishonors God when He truly provides. And it's a focus on self.

It's a natural sin, one that goes back to the Garden of Eden, where everything was plentiful, and yet the Serpent tempts Adam and Eve (focusing initially on Eve) that there's still much more ahead of them that God denies them.

Notice how Eve takes this in, and invites Adam into the same scarcity mindset.


Are you harboring resentment of not enoughness?

A need for a bigger house, better car, different clothes?

Are you focusing on your spouse and pushing pressure, versus exploring in gratitude for God's provision?


Pray that such ingratitude and scarcity be brought to mind.


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