Hope for the Future

Hope for the Future
Romans 15:13

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."


No body will argue against the power of having hope.

The problem is that people keep their hope to themselves, often in the background of their daily life. There, in the darkness and solitude, hope can shrink and fade.

However, true hope has the power to strength a marriage's bonds.

Although hope is about an unseen future, it's based in conviction through faith.

That hope can either be a common thread in your journey, or it can be a source of division.

Hope can be a wellspring of life when you invest in it with a regular habit.

Don't let that well go dry. You may need it when you're in a drought.


When you read this Scripture, where does your mind go when it comes to hope?

Hope involves a trust in God and power of the Holy Spirit.

Where are you placing your hope as a couple?


No matter what you're going through, having the habit of restating your hope together will keep you looking forward. Consider the two scenarios:

a season of flourishing

If your marriage is on an upward trajectory, perhaps its during the honeymoon season, you may find it trivial to explore what you have hope in.

It's worth replaying those and sharing those because this becomes the well of hope that you can dig from if things get bumpy.

But...when things are going well, it's often a good time to take stock in where do you place your hope?

Typically, hope is an anticipation of things to get better. It is the fulfillment of plans you have together.

Being consistent and united in what those plans are needs regular adjustment and re-affirmation.

If these are plans you have jointly, encouraging each other.

If they are not truly in alignment, having this short 15-minute habit to touch on it could lead to a valuable conversation.

But when times are good, placing hope in what God has done and his true promises -- which aren't about abundance, wealth, health, or comfort. Getting very clear on how and where you see God's hope for peace through Christ's work at the cross may be essential to identify issues emerging despite your bliss.

a season of dryness

Having the habit while your marriage may not be in the ideal shape can give you something to talk about it.

You may have lost hope in the other person and in the relationships.

But God is where we must place our trust.

It is in God that you will be able to find true hope. Maybe it won't result in something clear about the future of your marriage.

Unity in hope in God, however, can be a valuable foundation to re-establish.

If you haven't been close to God throughout this process and you are seeking him during the worst moment in your marriage, this could be a time of deep doubt or total surrender.

I do hope you choose God in this.

But it also should remind those of you who may feel your marriage is fine to establish this foundation now through this habit of hope.